Monday, June 8, 2009

i don't understand

  1. kate gosselin's hair
  2. where my motivation for running went
  3. how people keep up on their laundry
  4. why people are still wearing banana clips. two sightings in two days!
  5. why your face gets wrinkles but not your hiney
  6. where chemistry comes from, you know the butterfly kind deep in your tummy
  7. pigs in a blanket, how you make them, or the desire to eat them
  8. why all the bachelor's and bachelorettes take helicopter rides. Soooo not reality!
  9. why I must have a bowl of cold cereal, name brand and sugar kind, before bed
  10. gravity
  11. how the stars look so close but are so far away


Liz said...

love it! I watch Jon and Kate plus 8, and I don't understand Kate's hair either...haha

Toots said...

Aim, I laughed out loud with your antics on this one. Funny stuff! I have to agree the max about Kate Gosselin's hair...she is so pretty but the hair is so not. Well, the pigs in a blanket--not too bad as long as you make 'em with homemade blankets, and laundry...ughhh...then the wrinkles! Why can't they be on then behind and not on your face? That's a good question! The kids have been lots of fun here today, Aims. Lots of fun.

J + A Humphreys said...

Amen on the laundry and banana clips. I have also seen recent sightings...what the H? I'm kinda glad the hiney doesn't get wrinkles...I think that would look really, really wrong. :) Besides, I wouldn't want to scoop my butt up to put it in my swimsuit. I'll take my wrinkles as a sign of wisdom and experience until they are unbearable and then I'll get botox. hahahah!