Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the ego

What happens when you let go of your ego and just let the other senses take over? Do you become more vulnerable? Hummm. This is what I think about at 11pm at night. I think having a bit of an ego is essential right? But also being able to open up and admit you are wrong is pretty important too. Too much pride will kill you. Too little will make you go un noticed. Or will it. Hummm.

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kimberly said...

Amy I was just having a similar conversation in my head this morning. Wondering which is worse...liking myself too much, or disliking myself too much. Which is more annoying--"I sure have great hair," or "I am so fat!"
I concluded (in my own head, at least for today) that punitive is worse. Who wants to be around that? Everything in moderation. I likely don't have to tell EVERYBODY EVERYDAY how great my hair is, I mean, come on--do you have eyes? But on the other hand, confidence is an endearing trait, and it rubs off on people and they enjoy being around it. As you and I are only CBFF's, I can only guess that you use just the right amount of egoism. I am certain of it actually.