Friday, June 12, 2009

I must confess.

I kick my husband when he snores. I love blue collar workers, especially elevator repair men. I can't get ready in the morning without music. Carving pumpkins makes me a little queasy. I used to go to the truck pulls with my Dad in Morgan just hoping I would meet someone 'nice'. I shave my legs religiously each morning, and sometimes again at night. The older I get the more risks I take. I get upset each and every time I open an Almond Joy when realize there really are just two almonds. I have always wanted to wear glasses. I feel very inadequate mingling in group settings, however I am very at ease speaking in front of a large group. I can eat a whole pound of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate in 3 days. I loooove hand dipped corn dogs from the fair. Love them. I check out hands. I hope Boozer gets traded. I rarely sit still and relax without falling asleep. I don't like when people wipe their nose and then look in their Kleenex. I have cried at work. When people ask me if I remember them, I always say yes (even when I don't!), then...just as my father taught me I say " I remember your last name...but tell me your first name again.." after which they repeat their entire name, works every time.


johansen viking said...

OH....I do love your dads words on how to get someone to say there name. I must remember that one!

J + A Humphreys said...

I totally feel you on the hand-dipped corn dogs. Um, um, good! I think you can get your own corn dog making machine. Might have to look into the one. Could you imagine having the fair at home any day of the week? On the other hand, it would take away the excitement of getting one at the fair. Oh ya, I do love Hotdog on the Stick too. Okay, not getting one...for now. :)

You seriously shave twice a day?? Holy cow, I'm lucky to do it once a week...for reals!

Toots said...

I'm a daily shaver too...gotta do it or else. I have never had a hand-dipped corn dog at the fair. You guys make it sound SO good. I need to try that sometime--take a risk! Oh, I totally agreed with you on the whole kleenex issue. Ughh...not going there.