Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 year reunion with my fav fellas from highschool

Over the past few days I have been trying to think of something clever and funny to write about this great group of friends, but all that comes back to me is how very lucky I am to know them. Each one of them have greatly influenced my life. I'm still not sure how I won the high school lottery to be able to be associated with each of them, but I do know that they have all influenced me for the better. Scott is one of the most adaptable people I have ever met, and still to this day continues to amaze me with his desire to learn and understand new things. It was so much fun to listen to him talk about bass fishing and horse racing. He loves life and that is certain. I still have a signed Calves and Buckets business card from Scott...did someone say reunion tour??
Matt made us all medallions our Senior year - INXS medallions no less- that we all wore to graduation under our grad gowns. Today he is still same great Matt, still making sure everyone feels a part of the group, and never putting anyone down. Matt once gave me a lucky pack o pennies...and there is still a lot of luck left...I am sure of it. He is a happy, healthy, guy who loves his life, his wife, and his three girls. It does not get much better.
Jere can make me laugh even if he is not trying to be funny. I loved being his friend in HS and constantly having a side ache from his funniness. :) On top of that he is an amazing poet, I know this because I have a few deepies from his mish. I loved hearing that he has build a room in his basement to start up art so cool! It was great to see him again.
James propelled me into popularity 18 years ago, and was an answer to my prayer one very important day in 11th grade. He is still far and away one of the biggest and best friends I will ever have. He is an amazing musician, as we all knew he would be... on top of that he could school all of us with his fashion sense.

So 17 years. That is a long time. For a minute though...Friday night felt like 1991...and for a minute everything was the same.

group pic: Jeremy, Scott, Matt, Me, and James


johansen viking said...

OH! I love the pics! Matt did have a great time! How fun for you all to get together and hang...17 yrs..thats a long time! Next time we all come up...we'll have to get together with you and your fam. Did Matt tell you our daughters LOVE horses? Mayli is saving up for one. FOR REALS! ANYWAYS..thanks for telling me about the I have faces with the stories. :) Marni

Humphreys Fam said...

Ah, that is so cool. I love friendships that last like that. So fun that you are all still close and were able to do something like that. BTW - love the outfit and swoopy look great! Like usual. :)