Monday, October 13, 2008

they are known for their kickline

So I have been sucked into what could be classified as the best reality show of all time 'Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, making the Team'. Somewhere deep inside me I am a cheerleader (and a Broadway dancer, and a thinker...but right now a cheerleader). I like to yell, clap, kick, smile, wave, all of it. The DCC (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders), have to go through a rigorous tryout, and there is a really mean, pretty lady who runs the show that tells them that A) they can't dance B) they have a muffin top and won't look good in the 'uniform' C) that their high kicks are too low D) that they are not exciting. Any one of these statements taken out of context could still wound you for life. Seriously. As you can imagine it gets way intense. The mean pretty lady calls in the low kickers (or the ones who THINK they are kicking high, and really they are just leaning forward)...into her office and her and her sidekick (a blond with turkey neck) tell the cheerleader that she is off the team. That her high kicks, well, they are just not high enough, and at the end of the day the DCC are known for their kickline. Open tryouts are just a short 6 months away, and there is a part of me that would like to just show up just to say I tried.


Humphreys said...

I think deep down inside every woman wants to be a least for a second. I used to practice the NOJH fight song..."Onward royal knights, forward we go...." Taylor and I could almost do the whole thing. Lol! With all your driveway dancing action I think you could show up and give them a run for their money. Oh wait--I think I just envisioned you at the top of the look dang good!!!

Brian & Jen said...

amy... i support you 100%! G - O - Amy! G- O Amy!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I watch "DCC making the the team 3" TOO! me an my friend klair watch it alot and i love it! haha i have missed a couple of episodes tho because I have been busy with end of the quarter stuff, but, yes, I love that show! woo!