Thursday, October 2, 2008

things I do on my commute

  1. I sing. Loud and possibly even in tune.
  2. I seat dance. If I need both hands on the wheel then I just put my shoulders into it. Also, if I need a foot on the gas then I don't do any kicks or anything.
  3. Once, when cell phones were new and cool, I took a dummy cell phone from work and pretended it was miiiinnneee and that it worked. I pretended to make an important call while stopped at an intersection. I even made eye contact with the guy in the car next to me. I pretended that the person I was talking to was super funny. I liked that game.
  4. I occasionally steer with my knees, but only in emergency situations such as when I am trying to eat and drive. This is only in rural areas mind you.
  5. When I feel like a hot babe I make my sexy face while looking in the side mirror. This is to make the people behind me jealous. I don't think it has actually ever worked. But one day it will, because I work in Ogden, so ya. It will happen.
  6. Sometimes while playing ABBA really loud I roll down my window and nod along to the beat. I pretty much assume all humans love ABBA, but that only me and my family love them best.
  7. I once said a bad word just to see what it sounded like.
  8. I smile at strangers.
  9. I laugh at the dj's.
  10. I wave at joggers.
  11. I feel bad for the bums.


Toots said...

You are a funny writer with such an interesting mind! Those commutes to work ought to include SOME kind of entertainment for the half hour trip you have. :)

Humphreys said...

I'm seat dancin' for you..."uh-huh, oh ya, it's my birthday, oh ya!" My faves - sexy look in the mirror, saying the bad word, and the fake cell phone. lol! lol! That one takes the cake. So funny.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger and cell phones were new, my friend and I enjoyed going to test drive new cars, and pretending like we were talking on the phone with a rich dad. I got to be the mouthy one with the rich dad. Good times. The Audi dealer never let us play. I still am waiting until I get to go back in my super-hot, better-than-an-Audi will ever be car, and tell them just what they missed out on by refusing to serve us.

johansen viking said...

Hi! Matt and I had a lot of fun reading your blog! You are sooo funny! I wish I was coming up for the Par-Tae....oh well.
We'll meet some other time. Have a good one! Marni
I might even try the shiny leg thing too!