Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A poem written by my talented brother....

October Sweet October Fair, Ruddy Leaves instead of Hair

It's morning now on crisp cold mountains
The snow has dusted over tops
And made the crimson golds, and yellows
Shine like polished copper pots

Sweet oh sweet the smell of fall
Drifting down the hills to me
And fresh oh fresh the autumn air
Nature's quiet symphony

Wrinkled stars on frosty earth
A pumpkin here for carving on
Crunchy stars and skating ones
Hundreds huddled on the lawn

My lonely senses autumn fills
Quaffing deep I drink it in
A cherished friend remembers me
Quelling now a blue-gray din

This is autumn as I know best
But better still the years to come
Time will overlap on time
You and I will meld in one
The beauty of earth, of air and sun
As best I know has just begun

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