Tuesday, October 7, 2008

let the bake-off begin

4 short weeks is all I have to perfect my chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies for the ultimate work bake-off. There are extremely high stakes for the bake-off. The loser has to wear canary yellow JcPenny tapered sweats to work, all day long. The loser must walk around the 6th floor (executive level), and work it baby...own it...and work it again. There is a lot of trash talking right now, but Sam never reads my blog, so...I am pretty much super excited to see him in those sweats. A few lunges would be nice too. Actually, word is, he is a pretty decent baker. I am not worried about losing, because I won't. At least, I hope not. So this is how the bake-off is going to go down...first, we bake a 'from scratch' chocolate cake. I have a good idea, and I am pretty sure I will take him and his fancy cake pans down. All rounds will be voted on by our bosses. Second round will be the chocolate chip cookie. I am a bit worried because my boss likes large, flat, cookies with small nuts...and that is not how I roll. So, the challenge is mostly in the judging because there is no way anyone will beat my cookies. If there is a tie, then there will be wild card round, which could get c r a z y.

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Toots said...

I have FULL confidence in your cookie and cake abilities to WIN all the way! You have always had a sweeeeeet tooth and a great baker's touch. Good luck! Todd and Fati's picture looked so good, by the way. :)