Thursday, October 9, 2008

I wish I had more...

  1. junk in the trunk
  2. poptarts
  3. money
  4. time with my kids
  5. jessica simpson baby hot!
  6. chocolate covered cinnamon bears
  7. running socks
  8. money making ideas
  9. big words in my head
  10. time to ride around in Jen's jeep!


Rich and Tyra said...

I will donate some of the junk in my trunk to yours...If only that were possible :0) !!!

Humphreys said...

Oh....junk in the trunk! hahah! I hear ya sister. I wish I had a bit more there and little less bagel in the middle. :) Totally down on the chocolate covered cinnamon bears too. Yum.

Toots said...

You DO have money making ideas because you use to tell them to the dress business for one--Necissity is the best invention! So, look around you. Your ideas are always popping out of your head. They sound good to me! I've never tried chocolate covered cinammon bears..hmmm