Sunday, October 5, 2008

robyn is real and other things I learned friday night

Our fearless leader calls us a quirky bunch, and really, can you blame him? Except, all this quirkiness works, and is quite enjoyable. The Joe's, Gina, Alec, Jason, Jared, and myself along with our significant others, oh and AK 47, all went dining together at a fantastic restaurant downtown. We were told to be there prompt, and most of us were, a few of us were thinking about the economy and forgot where to turn. All that said, it was a very fun evening. I learned that Joe D had a terrible, terrible experience with Della Reese in an airport, that made him shy away from ever approaching another celebrity again. I learned that Jason has a super cool under pressure wife when she said "Hi Andre..." in a normal, even voice. So cool. I learned that Joe S does not like to share food, and he likes plenty of room in which to arm swing....and indeed Robyn is real. I learned that Alec still is king of restaurants and food as he helped Joe come up with what to order.... sooo good! I learned that Gina is not afraid to try a whole new plate of different kind of food - what to go Gina, oh also I learned that love makes her glow! I learned that Jared has had many brushes with fame, and that he has a small yet strong crush on Rachel Bilson (did I say that right??). I learned that Joe B will eat Indian or Chinese food, it really does not matter. I learned that I am oh so very fortunate to work with so many fellas and a wonderful gal that make my life full and my work days feel short. Each spouse and significant other was so great and we all had a wonderful time. Can't wait for Harvest Dinner 2009.

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Humphreys said...

That looks like so much fun! A night out with grown-ups...what's that??? What restaurant did you eat at? So glad you work with such good people. I felt like I really got a feel for the evening since I met some of them. :) You and Kory look great. What a nice pic.